Carpentry is our original trade of choice. We can install and build custom cabinets, bookcases, fireplace mantels and more. We've even developed a knack for producing pallet creations. Creativity runs through our veins.



From wood to metal, you may need to frame out a basement or office to make a new rental space or maybe a new home theatre. What about that man cave garage space you've always said you wanted. Our air guns are locked and loaded.


Crown Molding

Whether it’s antique or new, traditional or modern, crown molding is an art that requires attention to detail. What are you looking to do?



How many sheets do you have to hang? Or do you just need a little quick wall repair, finish and paint. There is no job too big or small. We are your guys.



Small electrical projects, like installing ceiling fans or light dimmers, are no problem for us. We have performed these jobs many times over while working for rehab investors and then even our own home projects, of course. All commercial applications are a snap, from simple to more complex.



Got a chandelier or ceiling fan you need installed? You purchase it. We will install it.


Switches & Dimmers

The right dimmer can not only set the mood, but can save you money over time. Let's talk.



Interior or exterior, it doesn't even matter. I can assist with choosing the right color for your project, from a Signature Benjamin Moore palette to a Home Depot Classic Glidden brand. I will prescribe based on the task at hand, brushes a blazin.'  


A leaky faucet or old toilet can waste a lot of time and energy for any residence. There is a method to the madness. From full bath renovations to the most simple waterworks task, we have the skills and the team that will get the job done quickly and professionally.


Leaks & Clogs

It’s a dirty job,  but we're always ready to do it. Stand back, and watch us go to work.


Design & Build

Have an idea floating around in that head of yours you'd like to bring to life? Let us help to flush it out with our team of designers and pros. We've got you covered.


Product Assembly

Bought something that came with a lot of little parts and pieces. I have assembled everything from a simple bookcase to full kitchen cabinet suites from Ikea. These things are like putting together 3-D puzzles to us. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. 


Property Management Services

Local contractors giving your HOA client the blues? Any company in business today is only as strong as the network it holds, ready to go at the drop of a dime. Our strength is in our network relationships with quality tradesmen that have been gathered over time in both residential and commercial construction locally. Let us work our network for you. 

Look no further, East West Housing Solutions is here to help keep both residents and businesses happy. We work hard to keep your bottom line, top-of-mind.